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The One Minute Management Approach

July 29, 2012

“People who feel good about themselves produce good results”

Recently in my OB class I had the opportunity to read the book, The One Minute Manager written by Kenneth Blanchard, Ph.D. and Spencer Johnson, M.D. at first I cringed because I really dislike reading topics assigned by professors however after the first 3 pages I found myself really enjoying this book and I could not put it down.  In fact, I read it all over again just to write this post.

The book is a brief overview of the studies the two authors did in medicine and the behavioral sciences about how people work best (produce valuable results) with others.   The book is written through the adventures of a young man trying to find the most effective manager.  At first he found an autocratic manager whose people lost while his organization won; a democratic manager whose people seemed to win while the organization lost.  He was troubled by the fact that most managers were interested in their people or their results.  Finally he found the One Minute Manager.

In the essence of trying not to just give the summary of the book, I will hit on the main highlights about how the One Minute Manager operates: He calls himself the one minute manager because it takes him very little time to get great results.How the One Minute Manager Operates:

  • He takes very little time to get outstanding results
  • Always makes it clear what your responsibilities are and what you are accountable for
  • Gives crystal clear feedback

One Minute Goals: First Secret to One Minute Management

  1. Agree on your goals
  2. See wha good behavior looks like
  3. Write out each of your goals on a single sheet of paper using less than 250 words
  4. Read and re-read each goal, which requires only one minute or so each time you do it
  5. Take a minute every once in a while out of your day to look at your performance, and
  6. See whether or not your behavior matches your goal.

One Minute Praising: Second Secret to One Minute Management

  1. Tell people upfront that you are going to let them know how they are doing
  2. Praise people immediately
  3. Specifically tell people what they did right
  4. Tell people how good you feel about what they did right, and how it helps the organization and the other people who work there
  5. Silence to let them “feel” how good you feel
  6. Encourage them to do more of the same
  7. Shake hands or touch people in a way that makes it clear that you support their success in the organization

“Help people reach their full potential. Catch them doing something right.”

One Minute Reprimands: Third Secret to One Minute Management

  1. Tell people beforehand that you are going to let them know how they are doing
  2. Reprimand people immediately
  3. Tell people what they did wrong – be specific
  4. Tell people how you feel about what they did wrong – in no uncertain terms
  5. A few seconds of uncomfortable silence
  6. Shake hands or touch them to let them honestly know you are on their side
  7. Remind them how much you value them
  8. Reaffirm that you think well of them but not their performance in this particular situation
  9. When the reprimand is over, it is OVER.

This book is really an inspiration to anyone that hopes to be a manager, a good manager.  It is a good example of how to manage people effectively and efficiently.  The one minute approach is quick but really shows people that they are valued and are believed in.  This post almost sounds like a review of the book; however this book altered they way I think about managment.  I suggest everyone should read t!





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  1. Nice overview, Heather! Thanks for summarizing it.

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