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Does it Fit?

July 27, 2012

Picture this: An employee in your company sitting in a cubical running number analytics all day everyday. This employee, we will call Travis. Outside of work Travis is an extravert, he is very active, has a lot of friends and loves interacting with people.  Another employee, we will call Justin is your front line manager and an introvert, all day long he is interacting with other employees and customers, and solving their problems. In his free time, Justin likes to stay at home, read books, and play sudoku. Both of these people have a degree in management and have been with the company for five years. Lately, both Travis’ and Justin’s work has been slipping, they have been spending less time in the office, and have become more irritable, in fact Travis just gave his two weeks notice. It doesn’t take an experienced, seasoned manager to know what is wrong with this picture; Travis and Justin are candidates for the wrong person-job fit.

The right person-job fit matches the knowledge, abilities, skills and to the characteristics of the job. There are millions of people in the wrong lousy job fit, these people are not happy, do not feel valued and are likely unproductive.

Hiring managers have the responsibility to hire the right people for the right jobs. Hiring individuals whose abilities and preferences best fit the available job assists the employer in gaining a valued, reliable and high performance employee, which is what every company should strive for.  Having the right people in the right areas provides the organization with great benefits the lead to low turnover:

  • Employee job satisfaction
  • Less job related stress
  • Higher employee performance
  • Organizational commitment
  • Motivation

I don’t think it takes a someone with a doctoral degree to figure this one out. Logic and common sense tells me that in order to have a valuable employee, they must feel valued; which means they perform top notch, and have accountability for the work they love to do.


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